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  • 廣東森鋒標識科技有限公司
  • 手機:13302244700
  • 電話15018763543
  • QQ:273873486
  • 網址:www.nabaquatica.com
  • 地址:佛山市南海區里水和順和桂工業園A區和景南路6號(智標)
  • 公司簡介 當前位置:首頁 > 關于我們


             Guangzhou Senfeng Advertising Limited. specializes in design, R&D, production, marketing, maintenance for advertising logos and advertising light boxes etc. We provide all kinds of ultra-thin light boxes, plastic light boxes, Crystal light box, luminous characters, the front door brand, the parking sign, floor tablet, various of hardware display rack, acrylic material box, crystal words, and all kinds of public identification, environmental label, super chain stores identifies and other supporting advertising products. Senfeng is a loyal  VI show performer.

           我們擁有大型激光雕刻機、切割機、絲印床和專業烤漆工藝房等先進的設備,可以為客戶提供最完美的制作工藝,最精致的制作技巧; 我們秉承“為客戶創造價值”的經營理念,利用多年的行業經驗,不斷創新,深化客戶服務和經營管理水平,更好地為我們的客戶提供品牌助力,是客戶值得信賴的合作伙伴。 先后服務于中國工商銀行、中國農行銀行、中國建設銀行、中國郵政儲蓄銀行、中國移動、中國石油、海信電器、美的電器、南方電網、可口可樂、廣東省中醫院、廣州兒童醫院、河南省中醫院、廣州地鐵等,成為品牌形象建設的專業合作伙伴。

           We have large laser engraving machines, cutting machines, screen printing bed rooms and professional paint technology and other advanced equipments, providing customers with the most perfect craftsmanship, exquisite production techniques; Adhering to the business philosophy of "Creating Value for Customers", with years of industry experience, lasting innovation, deepening the level of customer service and operations management, which can serve our customers better. Senfeng is our clients’ best trusted partner which had served for the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the Agricultural Bank of China, the Construction Bank of C hina, China Postal Savings Bank, China Mobile, China Petroleum, Hisense, Midea, China Southern Power Grid, Coca-Cola, Hospital of Guangdong Province, Guangzhou Children's Hospital, Henan Province Chinese Medicine , Guangzhou Metro, etc.



            We offer our customers with the first-class services and the perfect carrier solutions, the whole process is followed by our professionals: From the overall process control, time planning to small design and configuration of each screw. We concern in every small detail to let you win more peacefully. Senfeng - aspiring to become a professional manufacturers and service providers of the identification system in China. 

    Choose Senfeng, choose professional!

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